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Advocates for Detox Enemas & Natural Wellness

James Burgin

Dip Naturopathy
(Southern School of Natural Therapies)
Dip Herbal Medicine
(Dorothy Hall College of Herbal Medicine)
B App Sci (Design)
(University of Canberra)

Naturopathic Knowledge, Research and Experience

Hi there, I’m James and I live in Bondi, Australia and I am passionate about health and wellbeing.

I have always been interested in helping people through natural health, good design and a balanced lifestyle. I love finding and sharing simple solutions for life’s challenges.

I became seriously interested in detoxification and coffee enemas after I was diagnosed with cancer in 2009. It was the ultimate challenge to find a way to heal myself and ‘get my life back’.

This Detox Enema site provides in-depth, objective, free information and resources to help you achieve optimum health and well-being. From tips and guides to better detox, to reviews of the latest health and detox resources, you’ll find it all here. 

This website is rich with my personal stories, insights and research about what I learned in my pursuit of vibrant health. 

This is, of course, a deeply personal journey of discovery. I hope you find inspiration and support as we discover together the healing power of coffee and detox enemas and the broader topics of natural health and wellness.

Seek Professional Advice

Importantly, please remember these are my personal stories, musings and research. It is essential to seek professional advice from your healthcare providers who can work with you and your personal circumstances.

While you are here remember these few friendly reminders for good health, which I constantly have to remind myself about:

  1. Sleep: It’s a simple and powerful healer that profoundly affects our physical and mental well-being, quality of life, energy, and safety. It enables your body to repair its cells, supports detoxification, and allows us to dream.

  2. Nutrition: Shifting focus to eating more nutritious food and using our diet to improve health and power our mind and body can make a world of difference.

  3. Movement: Make time to be more active daily to support your well-being.

I hope you enjoy this website and find it helpful in improving the quality of your health. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out, and I’ll get back to you promptly. Here’s to our health and well-being!

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